Thursday, 30 July 2015

HTC Wasteful Phones

Today I contacted HTC (a previous disappointment) to ask about getting one of their phones repaired.
Chat Transcript
Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
You have been connected to Zan.
Zan:  Hi , thank you for contacting HTC Support, I am looking in to your query now.
Guest:  Thanks. Here's the summary: I have a HTC phone, the model I put in the summary. The touchscreen is not working on some areas, so needs fixing. It is out of warranty - how do I get it fixed? Who are the recommended HTC repairers?
Zan:  I'm sorry the line has ended we cannot repair it anymore.
Zan:  We no longer make parts and attempt of repair would cost more that the phone is worth.

Guest:  So HTC know of no-one that can repair their phones, and actually recommend adding old ones to the mountains of e-waste that pollute the environment?
Zan:  I can't arrange a repair for you sorry.
Guest:  That's not quite what I'm asking. HTC know of no-one that can repair their phones, no other company offering this service? Have set up no relationships with third party repairers? HTC just said: "No, throw it away, add to the world's waste problems"?
Zan:  How may I help you?
Guest:  Ideally by answering my questions.
Guest:  I can break them down into Yes/No questions if that is easier.
Guest:  Does HTC know any other company/person/service that can repair their phones? [Yes/No]
Thank you for using InstantService. You may now close this window.
Thank you for contacting us. To allow HTC to continue to improve our service can I ask that you complete a very short satisfaction survey by clicking here.
I never got to ask if HTC even take old phones back for recycling. Their approach is just to make new lines, expect you to throw the old ones away and buy new. Planned obsolescence in action right there. And if you query it they just ignore you and go offline. I'll put up with a wonky screen and see if I really need a smartphone any more - if I do then I'll avoid HTC and the like, and consider a Fairphone next time.

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