Monday, 7 November 2011

Potentially good news

Junk mail is an irritating scourge in the modern world: wasteful of resources and time, demanding attention like an obnoxious child, and hiding the important post amongst a sea of glossy paper waste. Royal Mail have received a high crap score from us for their part in promoting it. Well, the good news is that a new initiative should make it easier to opt out in future.
"The average UK household receives more than 370 items of unsolicited paper mail a year, the majority of it unaddressed." Source

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Pestering Banks

Note the annoying nag screen - there is no
option to permanently disable it

When you use Internet Banking with the Co-operative Bank they now always make a popup box appear trying to persuade you to install extra software - see image above. Most people won't want to do that. Not only is it extra hassle (on top of the stupid and wasteful gadgets that many customers refuse to use on ethical grounds) but the Co-operative Bank state that they won't compensate you if the software damages your PC or data or causes problems.