Tuesday, 10 May 2011

HM Revenue & Customs: communications hell

I needed an answer from HM Revenue & Customs about a tax issue. If you make a mistake then they will hammer you so it is vital to get the correct answer.

"That shouldn't be a problem," I naively thought. "I'll email them with the relevant information and get a response. Quick and easy and no cost - and even better, you have a record of the response." Ha! You can't email them, it turns out. No, you have to ring them - and if, as in this case, you want to point them to a long URL and documents then get ready for a real pain up the arse.

So I rang. And battled with automated and long-winded, confusing menus. The first time I tried I sat there confused - was I an individual or self employed? Well, both actually, so which option do you pick? After battling through I was told there was no-one free. Good bye. End of call.

Grrr. I tried again another day. This time a huge wait, with horrible music, until I gave up. Only on an attempt weeks later did I get through to someone after waiting for 20 minutes.

The kicker was that in the end the answer I got was not even definite, and unlike email I have no record of it in case they ever come back to me about my paperwork. Argh!

This level of service is complete shit. It is a lottery as to whether you get any help - and you pay through the nose for it. No email option? Come on HMRC, this is 2011, not 1991.

So 1 crap for not having an email option. 1 crap for not answering the phone. 1 crap because the calls cost me about £10 to make and took well over 45 mins of time in total. And 1 crap for having no record of the outcome (which email would have provided).

Watch this video if you can put up with the monotony and horror of contacting HMRC.

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