Saturday, 11 December 2010

Royal Fail

Royal Mail AGAIN! This time they have been incredibly unhelpful.

I ordered something online. Royal Mail won't let you know at what time they will be delivering items, so you have to take a day off work and stay in all day. I did this. I waited all morning. Then I had to go out for two minutes, just around the corner. I left a huge fluorescent note above the letter box, saying:

"Deliveries - I have popped out, just around the corner, and will be back in a couple of minutes, or ring me at 01970 617737 and I will be back in a few seconds."
I got back a few minutes later to fine a note through the door - they had taken the parcel back to the depot. WTF? My options were to collect it from the out of town office (I don't have a car and no buses go there), or to arrange for re-delivery on a different day, even though I would be in for the rest of the afternoon. So another day off work... That is a most unhelpful service. Couldn't they have rung, or waited a minute, or tried again on their way past the road later? Or given an option for same day re-delivery? Or the phone number of the delivery driver so you could speak to him?

Normally these things can be overlooked, but bear in mind the Royal Mail junkmail problem. I went through Royal Mail's procedures to opt out - junkmail still came. I did it again. Junkmail still came. I complained. I got bounced back messages saying to go through the procedure. I complained to others. I got nowhere. I still get junkmail delivered by Royal Mail, who seem to be given impunity by so called watchdogs and the Government to make money from waste and junkmail.


ed said...

I wonder why people aren't allowed to 'spam' through the net, but are allowed to 'spam' through the post. Shouldn't there be a law against the latter as it is for the former. Especially if the latter has more negative effects on the environment than the former? RM obviously gets for these. I don't see why we have to put up with this if we aren't getting a share of what RM is being paid for it;).

Anonymous said...

I just had a note through my door from Royal Mail, saying I have to pay £1.36 'because the sender didn't pay full postage'. Luckily the note mentioned 'small photo' so I know what it was - a small postcard I included in some documents so it could be sent back to me to tell me they had arrived. I remember putting the first class stamp on it, so for it to now have incorrect postage probably means it came off somehow - which is the fault of Royal Mail for not making them sticky enough, not my fault. It was firmly affixed when I posted the item. At least I know what the item was so can ignore it, They are such rip-off merchants.