Monday, 5 April 2010

LoveFilm, but sod the environment

This began around twelve months ago, in May 2009. I was a Lovefilm customer - the subscription service whereby DVD films are sent to you and you return them in the post when you have finished with them. As you can imagine, this kind of service uses a massive amount of paper every year for all their envelopes (and letters, and unwanted promotional spam slipped in with the films...). At that point I noticed that they don't use 100% post-consumer waste for their envelopes and paperwork, which is the best option environmentally, and the only one for any decent company with an environmental policy that is worth more than the paper it is printed on. The recycling industry is facing huge problems because companies like Lovefilm don't buy post-consumer waste products, and there is no excuse for them not to do so. I asked their Customer Service department if Lovefilm would be switching to post-consumer waste paper, and giving reasons why.