Thursday, 17 December 2009


A short complaint about Sony here.

On 10th December 09 I rang Sony to point out that their only online contact form wasn't working, and didn't seem to have been working for some time. If you go to their homepage to contact them, the most obvious link is 'Contact' at the bottom. Then you get to:

However if you click on that link to contact them online, you just see:

You would think that it would be treated as urgent, but when I checked again on Wed 16th December the link still didn't work. I rang Sony again, and told them. The person I spoke to did not seem particularly bothered about the broken contact link (though said she would report it). She then told me that there was a working form, but had to direct me through 5 more links to get to it, each one just one amongst many. Oh, and even then there are mandatory fields about the particular product you are contacting them about - which didn't apply at all in my case, such as 'Model Number'. And that form will not let you send anything without a model number. That is pretty crap. Worse - even if you make one up just to be able to contact them, the next screen forces you to give them your phone number, address, name etc whether you want to or not before they will receive your email - AND you have to create a password and account with them. Why not just have a simple form or email address, one click from their homepage, with none of this forced detail, forced account crap? It is as if Sony do all they can to deter you.

(Note - Why didn't I just deal with my original query on the phone? Because I already had a query written with relevant addresses and details, so it is much easier to send the details online than read them all out over the phone.)

I was then put on hold, a major irritation of mine, before being put through to another department, who said they would put me through to someone else, but explained that if I got no satisfaction from Sony I would need to ring an external company, and if they were no use to start again with Sony... No one answered so I left a message, and have heard nothing back yet.

I checked today, and the link from the contacts page still doesn't work. So despite it having been broken for some time, and reported at least twice, Sony couldn't be bothered to fix it. Crappy Customer Service there! So one crap for not fixing it or making it easy for customers to get in touch, and another for their general poor response.

Oh, another thing that pissed me off - getting through to someone at Sony on the phone meant going through 11 options on their automated phone system.

Update 28th December 09: Sony still haven't fixed their contact link, despite being told numerous times! I emailed them again today. They obviously don't like customers getting in touch.

Update 31st December 09: Wow! An automated email from Sony that doesn't in any way refer to the contents of my email to them! They are on the verge of moving up a crap level...

----- Original Message -----
From: Sony United Kingdom Limited
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 3:35 PM
Subject: [Incident: 091228-000110]

Thank you for your enquiry. Please find below, a summary of your request and our reply which we hope will be of help.

Summary of your enquiry:
Customer (NA NA)28/12/2009 04.43 PM

Auto-Response28/12/2009 04.43 PM
Thank you for filling out our enquiry form. If the suggested solutions below do not answer your question and you choose, or have chosen to submit your question, it will be allocated to one of our agents for reply.

In the meantime, we think that the following answers may help with your question:

Title: Walkman : How to connect a Walkman or iPod ® ( MP3 player ) to an in car system.

Should you wish to update your enquiry, please click on the following link:

Question Reference #091228-000110
Product Level 1: Other
Category Level 1: Complaint
Date Created: 28/12/2009 04.43 PM
Last Updated: 30/12/2009 03.35 PM
Status: Completed
Model Number: prs505
Product Owner?: Not relevant

Sony's current score:

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