Saturday, 27 June 2009


Have you ever had experience of poor customer service when dealing with companies? And felt powerless to do anything about it? Well, now you can send the examples here.

This blog will spotlight the things companies would rather keep as dirty secrets, so send them in. The blog will also include updates if the companies cave in and eventually treat their customers with the respect they deserve.

Featured companies will receive one 'crap' for each thing they do wrong:

There are then totalled for a final rating (out of five 'craps') as follows:

Companies threatening legal action for publicising their failings will automatically receive an extra 'crap' (and more if they continue). Companies apologising and correcting their mistakes will have 'craps' removed, and may go back to the coveted status of 'no craps' if they act quickly enough:

So obviously the longer a company spends denying responsibility, or being belligerent, the worse their rating will be. Whereas those that apologise and fix things will come off smelling of roses.

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