Saturday, 27 June 2009

Royal Mail

Update: 7 July 09, Royal Mail refunded £10 of the £20 parcel they lost. CCS still counts this as a victory. Royal Mail said: "This payment is made without prejudice as an exceptional, one off, goodwill gesture." Victory for CCS!

Our first featured company is - Royal Mail!

We were made aware of the site 'Royal Mail ripoff' [since removed] by the person who set it up, and after some communication we have verified what they say so will be featuring Royal Mail here. They set up their site because they had attempted every other means of redress for their grievance with Royal Mail and got no satisfaction, which understandably left them frustrated and wanting to share their experience. We will hand over to them now, to explain things in their own words (the text in dark blue).


Have you ever had experience of poor customer service when dealing with companies? And felt powerless to do anything about it? Well, now you can send the examples here.

This blog will spotlight the things companies would rather keep as dirty secrets, so send them in. The blog will also include updates if the companies cave in and eventually treat their customers with the respect they deserve.